What some of our previous GearShifters have to say...

Training with the GearShifters
"Early morning starts with cold hands and sleepy bodies.  Group training, more effective for getting us out of bed that going alone.  Teaching us to ride in packs, pushing us up hills and encouraging us never to give up.  There's nothing quite like being a part of the GearShifters gang."
Nic and Leonie Wise.

"After not riding a bike for 15 years I was doubtful that I'd be able to complete half of the 160km, let alone the whole thing.  However, the GearShifters team was excellent.  They provided a graduated weekly programme of Saturday morning rides and homework.  I ended up undertaking and completeing the full Taupo ride."
Clive Trott

"I really enjoyed being part of a training group.  I was new to cycling and started out wanting to do 80km in the Lake Taupo ride, but GearShifters gave me the confidence to complete the entire race - 160km."
Joanna Simpson