Hone in and amplify your cycling with a CST block session.

Whats involved?...

CST is a 3 week block, with each week focusing on a different cycling goal.

Each week consists of 3 group sessions...

*  Windtrainer session - goal specific (windtrainers provided - bike required)
*  BikeBox session - goal specific (work out gear required)
*  Goal speciifc ride - this can be done individually or with your group members

3 weeks for $120

Just get yourself and a couple of friends together (need 3 or 4 in a group)
Tell me which session you're keen to do and I'll get a group together for that time slot...

Available sessions...

Mondays & Thursdays 6.30am
+ weekend ride

Tuesday & Thursday 11.30am OR 12.30pm
+ weekend ride

Tuesday & Thursday 5.30pm OR 6.30pm
+ weekend ride.

Blocks commence 2nd Monday of each month;  NEXT 3wk BLOCK These will commence again in April 2015

NOTE:  Weekend ride is a prescribed route done either by yourself or with your team mates with stats being sent back to Dee

Book by email dee@gearshifers.co.nz OR call/text 027 285 1176